Why care about experience? Will it really yield any value?

The old carpenter’s adage says measure twice, cut once.
There’s a reason for it: it’s easier to take a bit of time and plan ahead to get it right.

Disastrous designs and experiences can easily cost more than considering them early and often, including:
– Cost of rework, new infrastructure, patching, etc. should a badly designed product need to be revamped after deployment
– Broken loyalty, trust, and retention among your existing audience
– Loss of leads or sales from potential new audiences
– Negative publicity or brand image in media
– Fees or penalties associated with significant breaches or failure of service
– Lack of future proofing resulting in these issues downstream as you work to expand or pivot

By investing time and effort into understanding your audience and crafting experiences early, you’re less likely to have catastrophe strike. Choices will be made with intention and their impacts considered. Even if something does go wrong, you’ll be better equipped to understand what and move forward faster, rather than starting from square one.

At Swear Studios, we believe our value comes not only from the value we deliver in our expertise, but in how we deliver it. By deeply understanding your needs, audience, stakeholder, and vision, we are partners invested in your success.

We create value in the relationship we build with you and our shared understanding of you and your audience’s needs.

Our investment of knowledge into your process and goals means time to onboard for future research and projects is minimized. We can help ideate for new projects and paths forward based on our understanding of experience design, your audience, and you.

Collaboration strengthens our value, and in turn, that further strengthens the value of what we can do for you.

By fostering a valuable relationship, we hope to continue to consult with and provide value for you and your vision into the future.