The Swear Studios process centers creation of magical experiences – for you, and your audience.

Every step of the way, the impact to your audience and stakeholders is considered and tested for.
When stakeholder and user desires conflict, Swear Studios doesn’t just create, but advocates.
We will help you weigh the pros and cons, and consider not just present, but future impacts.

Our investment in client projects might not be for everyone – but we just wouldn’t feel right doing it any other way.
When you work with us, your success becomes our success.

We are committed to providing service that help train, sustain, and entertain your audience.
We want to get to know you, your vision, and the people that vision impacts.

Our work is intended to solve problems.
We look carefully at different angles, and we ask around to get the picture from those impacted.
The last thing we want is to create “solutions” that make new problems for someone else.

Our use of the design process is intended to build relationships and empathy, forge paths for advocacy, and to weave your vision into your audience’s happily ever after.

What We Do

User Experience Research

User testing, data collection and analysis, accessibility audits, user flow and site path investigation, ethnography, strategic planning, and more. If you need help understanding your audience, your potential audiences, and next steps for crafting experiences, we are ready to do the research and help you.

Interaction and Experience Design

Making magical experiences a reality is what we’re here for. From onboard training and internal software to front-facing audience interactions, we’re ready to help make magic happen. Design prototyping, development, testing, deployment – you name it, and we’re on it. We’ll ideate and gain feedback on multiple approaches, weigh the options with you, and work to deliver a great experience and planning for continued success.

While our specialty is digital interactions and experiences, our skills aren’t limited to what’s behind a screen. If you need help prototyping, testing, and iterating on ideas for the physical world, from buttons on a dashboard to traffic flow in your storefront, we’ll apply our skills and approach to the spaces you need.

Visual Design

From a brand stylesheet to themed graphical design for web or print, visual design helps to communicate a story that is uniquely you. We can help you find your brand’s design voice, expand it to work in new frontiers, or apply it for your next great idea.

Teaching and Workshops

We don’t just work to create magical experiences – we’re ferocious advocates of everyone getting in on making magic happen. We’d love to plan training, teaching sessions, and workshops with you to help your team become empowered with experience design!

Questions We’ll Consider With You

What Do You Want to Do? Why?

Who Do You Anticipate that Helps?

Who or What Else Could This Impact That Hasn’t Been Considered?

What Needs to be Done to Make Magic Happen?

Design with Empathy for Impact

Creating and realizing designs is not just “designing” end of sentence – it is designing possible futures. What we create and realize becomes part of the world, part of the story of individual’s lives. Cultures produce design, and design produces or continues culture.

At Swear Studios, we don’t simply create – we critically reflect on the potential of this design and the futures it designs for.

The design process requires asking, researching, imagining, planning, creating, testing, and improving. Through each of these steps, we want to create and exercise empathy, not just for those in the room or most readily considered. We prioritize transparency about who is being considered when decisions are being made, and advocate for empathy toward those affected by decisions.

We know you believe that what you’re doing can make the future better and brighter.
Let us help you create not just for the future you see – but to expand the futures your vision can be a productive part of.